Jacob Stainer

BScEcon Marketing with Spanish - First Class Honours

Two weeks after completing my degree in Marketing with Spanish, I was employed by Typeform, based in Barcelona in Spain.

Typeform's currently the talk of Silicon Valley and recently raised $15M in Series A funding and naturally its exciting to be in a hyper-growth startup where I am working as Paid Acquisition Manager.

The best thing about the marketing course was being forced to put the taught theory into practical use using real companies as examples, such as following the business activities of Google and looking at Spotify's marketing strategies.

These insights have helped me to apply what I was taught to the real world.

One of my favourite modules was Strategic Marketing, and its focus was on different marketing growth strategies, and also International Marketing where you learn how companies can take their existing products into new geographical markets successfully.

A year in industry in my third year was a no-brainer where I worked as a Data Analyst and Marketing Specialist. If I hadn't had done this, I wouldn't have been as employable as I am now.  A year in industry is a must and I highly suggest that everyone takes the time out to make this happen.

Apart from working at Typeform, I currently run my own company, Papora, and am growing it month on month with the aspiration to work full time for it in the near future.