Llion Pughe

What is the your business?

I am the Co-Founder and Director ‘Best of Wales’, A provider of 4 and 5 star holiday cottages across the whole of Wales, providing an efficient, bilingual and friendly service 7 days a week.

Why did you decide to start a business?

It was a combination of three things:

1. We felt there was a need for Wales to take a greater ownership of its tourism industry and strengthen the ‘Welsh’ experience.

2. Previous experience of holiday lettings which led me to think that there may be another, better way of doing it.

3. Previous experience of working on websites and e-marketing and believeing there was an opportunity to transfer these skills to the tourism sector.

What are your memories of studying at Aberystwyth?

Fond memories - Aberystwyth is a very nice place to study.

How did studying at Aberystwyth University help you with your business?

My degree course in Marketing and masters in Entrepreneurship gave me the foundation and confidence to go on to work in the business world. In particular, practical experiences such as going out to work for a company for a month during my masters was extremely valuable as it prepared me for the world of work. That is the reason that we are now working with the University to create opportunities for current students through projects such as Go Wales.