Maciej Eliasz Grubinski

Thanks to the School of Management and Business at Aberystwyth University I was able to find the courage and develop the confidence to reach my full potential and achieve my targets. My tutor, Dr Homagni Choudhury, became a good friend, provided me with a great level of support and helped me to find an appropriate way of studying and thinking during my course which contributed in helping me to achieve my aim of obtaining a first class honours degree.

During my final year of study a group of fellow students and I decided to set up a student society specifically for students of Economics. I went on to take on the role of the first president of the Aberystwyth University Economics Society. By registering the Economics Society as a fully-fledged society with the Students Union and announcing a new committee for the next academic year I (along with my fellow founders of the society) hope that it will flourish for many years to come, and I would like to encourage any new students of the university to join!  I spent an amazing 3 years in Aberystwyth and I am proud to be one of the alumni of the University. I have now moved on to Masters level study at the University of Edinburgh where I will spend two years studying on the Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics