Spandana Palaypu

Choosing to pursue an Honours degree in Business and Management at Aberystwyth University was probably one of the best decisions I had ever made! From the flexibility that the course provides to the vibrancy of the student town, Aberystwyth has not only given me the ultimate student experience but has transformed me into a well-rounded individual with thorough analytical and evaluative abilities

Being a very entrepreneurially driven individual, I picked Business and Management over more specific courses such as Accounting and Finance as it provided me a broader range of subjects to work with while giving me a taste of all the major functions required to run a business successfully; the program ensured every skill was put to the test and developed in its own right. I am now in the process of creating and running my own firm where the expertise gained from my degree forms an integral aspect. With this, I aim to boost my experience / CV further and hope to secure a place in the competitive MBA programs offered by IVY League Universities.

Furthermore, by having a comprehensive understanding of the course’s diverse theoretical aspects and research methods, I was able to adapt and succeed in fast-paced environments by putting this knowledge to practical use via extensive quantitative / qualitative analysis techniques and dynamic thinking; this was particularly inherent during my internship with KPMG’s management consulting department.  

My 3 years at Aberystwyth and SMB have been very memorable and action-packed. The lecturers are extremely friendly and always there to help even with the smallest of doubts; without their motivation and support I would not have been able to attain my 1st class Honours. As part of the degree scheme, I was also fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to attend specialist leadership and course-specific seminars hosted by CIMA and SMB which also allowed for valuable networking.

The campus is beautiful and provides a diverse range of activities and societies for students to indulge in. Kickboxing was one of my personal favourites as the people were great, the training was exhilarating and it was an excellent stress buster especially when writing my dissertation. Being from a big city, I loved the town’s serenity and enjoyed going for walks in the woods and at the beach. Though it’s small, there was absolutely no compromise on the social or night life! One thing is for sure, in Aber you will form lifelong friendships with people from every part of the world who make your stay absolutely sensational!