Stephanie Wright

The course assumed no prior knowledge, which was invaluable to all, giving those with no knowledge a chance to learn the basics and for others to recap or learn things they might not have known. From day one all of the lecturers were extremely helpful and approachable, with no question being too simple or 'stupid'. Tutors were available whenever needed, being available through email or by arranging an appointment to see them for any issues or questions about university life.

Whilst at university I found it very easy to settle in, initially making friends with my flatmates and attending various society socials and events (not necessarily any of which I was enrolled on!) to then joining the philomusica in my second year and continuing to get to know many other students in Aberystwyth! By the end of my second and third year there weren't many students I didn't know!

During my studies I initially took a short placement for 3 weeks with a small accounting firm in Telford during the Easter holidays of my second year. This then confirmed my aspiration to work in accountancy. I was then offered a year in employment with a larger accounting firm in Shrewsbury.

After returning to Aberystwyth to complete my final year I had built my confidence, organisational skills and time management which I have now taken with me to utilise in my career when studying towards my ACA qualification.

My time at Aberystwyth has been invaluable, from completing my year in employment I was fortunate to be offered a permanent position with the company which involves a 3 year training contract to become a chartered accountant with the ACA.