14.2 Who Can Complain?

1. This procedure applies to any registered student of Aberystwyth University. If students are studying under collaborative arrangements at a Partner Education Provider, they should follow this procedure provided the complaint relates to Aberystwyth University (further information is available in the student handbook), but ensure that they attempt to seek resolution with the Partner University before engaging with the formal stage of this procedure. Students who have completed their studies and still wish to make a complaint to the University should normally do so within 90 calendar days of the end of the period of registration. In the case of research students, whose candidature extends beyond the registration period, complaints may normally be made up to 90 calendar days after the final result is issued.


2. Where an issue affects a number of students, those students can submit a group complaint:

(i) The University will ask the group to nominate one student to act as group representative.

(ii) The University will deal with the representative only, and will expect the representative to liaise with the other students.

(iii) Each student in the group will be contacted by the University to provide their name and contact details as confirmation that they wish the issue to be investigated as part of a group complaint.