4.13 Wiping the Slate Clean

1. This ONLY applies to undergraduate students on Foundation Degree, Bachelor Degree and/or Integrated Masters schemes who commenced their studies at Aberystwyth University as a registered student BEFORE September 2016 and who entered Part Two BEFORE September 2017. Students who entered Part Two FROM September 2017 are normally allowed two opportunities to resit for capped marks as outlined in AQH 4.2, 4.3 and 4.8, but are not allowed to wipe the slate clean.


2. With the agreement of the University, the student may be permitted to resit the whole of Year Two (One for FD Students) for the full marks rather than resitting the failed credits only;


3. In order for this to be approved the student must formally agree to relinquish all previous marks attained.  These will no longer be counted towards the final degree classification and cannot be retrieved if the student performs less well in the repeat year.  The only exception to this would be in cases of Unacceptable Academic Practice where an N indicator has been awarded and further consideration may be required;


4. Students’ requests will not be considered until semester two marks have been released at the end of their first year;


5. Students will only be allowed to wipe the slate clean on one occasion and with the approval of their Faculty (ies);


6. Students will only be allowed to wipe the slate clean in the context that they are required to complete a full-time two year foundation degree within four years and a three year foundation degree within five years;


7. If students choose to wipe the slate clean, they should note that their final year transcript and Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) will still include a record of the marks achieved in that year.


9. As appropriate, students are responsible for checking visa implications.