5.11 Termination of Appointment

1. Whilst it is hoped that such a situation will not arise, an External Examiner whose performance or general conduct is unsatisfactory or for whom a conflict of interest arises may be warned informally in the first instance and, if necessary, be advised on appropriate remedial action(s), which must be taken. In exceptional circumstances, the Pro Vice-Chancellor may recommend that a letter of premature termination be sent to the External Examiner concerned without prior warning. This will have the effect of terminating the appointment immediately. A letter of premature termination may also be sent in respect of a less serious incident where an External Examiner has received previously an informal warning.

2. The appointment of an External Examiner may be terminated in the following instances:

(i) Non-fulfilment of external examiner duties including non-submission or submission of an incomplete/inadequate annual report and/or failure to attend an Examination Board (where attendance is required) without reason or explanation from the External Examiner

(ii) Changes in scheme provision which render the appointment no longer applicable

(iii) Unprofessional conduct

(iv) Conflict of interest that arises during the appointment.

In any of the instances above, you will be notified, in writing, of the termination of appointment.

3. External Examiners are required to give the University 3 months’ notice, in writing, of resignation from the appointment should they feel that they are unable to continue their duties as an External Examiner.