5.9 Collaborative Provision

1. External Examiners are appointed by the University and collaborative partner organisations and are required to follow external examining procedures, which are the same as those in operation for the University.

2. For franchise arrangements, where possible, the same External Examiner who examines the programme at Aberystwyth University should be appointed to examine the franchise programme. Departments are requested to clearly communicate to a prospective external examiner that their role will include examining the franchise programme.

3. External Examiners should ensure that they complete any additional parts of the annual report for collaborative provision.

4. The collaborative partner will be sent the relevant sections of the report to comment on before returning it to the department. The annual report, with departmental and collaborative partner responses, will be made available to the collaborative provision students via the Partner Blackboard site.

5. External Examiners would be expected to consider and advise on the comparability of standards where schemes and modules are delivered at more than one location, including those delivered in collaboration with a university-approved partner organisation.