9.7 Guidance on Marks from other Institutions

1. Students undertaking study abroad as a non-compulsory part of an undergraduate degree will transfer only credit to their Aberystwyth degree. Marks for courses taken whilst on exchange or transferred from other institutions will not be included in the classification of the degree and will not be listed on the Aberystwyth University transcript. This restriction includes credits transferred under ECTS. It applies to all Undergraduates who entered Part One (which includes Level 0) of their studies from September 2018, and to students to entered Postgraduate Awards from September 2018.

2. The translation of marks for inclusion in the degree classification will only be allowed as part of a full collaborative agreement at scheme level, with a formal mapping of marking scales attached to the agreement and reported to the International and Collaborative Provision Board.

3. The transfer of credit only will not be permitted at level 3 or above in undergraduate degrees. Exchange programmes and other arrangements will only be permitted at these levels where governed by a full collaborative agreement, enabling marks to be translated and included in the classification of the bachelor’s or integrated master’s degree.