11.5 Internal Processing of Applications and Offer Making

1. All applications are initially received and processed by staff in the Postgraduate Admissions Office. Receipt, and each stage of the subsequent admissions process, is recorded on the electronic admissions system.

2. Postgraduate Admissions staff conduct the initial assessment of each application to ascertain the applicant’s eligibility for matriculation, ability to meet specified academic and English language entry requirements, comparability of non-UK qualifications, fee status and UKVI compliance issues. A note of the above is made on the electronic admissions system, and can be viewed by Postgraduate Selectors and authorised staff as appropriate.

3. Designated staff in the Postgraduate Admissions Office have authority to make offers on behalf of academic departments for the majority of taught postgraduate courses according to agreed criteria. Applications for all PGCE courses, and taught Masters courses offered by the Department of English and Creative Writing, and the School of Art are sent directly to the relevant Departmental Postgraduate Selector for their review and decision.

4. Any application falling outside of standard admissions criteria will be referred, via the electronic admissions system, to the Postgraduate Selector(s) within the relevant academic department for their review and decision.

5. All applications for postgraduate research courses are referred to the relevant academic department for review and decision via the electronic admissions system.

6. The University has a defined set of responsibilities for all Postgraduate Selectors who are based in academic departments (see Section 11.23 below).