11.9 The Applicant’s Decision


The applicant may return their Decision Form or e-mail to say that they have received a preferential offer from another institution or wish to withdraw for some other reason. Postgraduate Admissions copies all such withdrawals to the appropriate selector and the applicant is entered as withdrawn on our database. They will be contacted to complete the relevant Decliner’s Survey.


The applicant may return their Decision Form to request a deferral for up to two calendar years. In these cases an e-mail is sent to the selector asking if this deferral is to be granted. Postgraduate Admissions would then contact to the applicant to say whether the deferral was possible. If a deferral has been granted the applicant is requested to contact Postgraduate Admissions in the January of the year of entry to reactivate their application. An applicant may request deferral of the start date of his/her place up to a maximum of two calendar years, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (see Appendix IV).


The applicant’s Decision Form is copied to the departmental selector. At this stage, acceptance of a place is not confirmation that the applicant will actually register. They are only asked to indicate whether they accept the terms of the offer, agree to us processing their data and that they wish to take up the place. They may yet withdraw or defer at a later stage. Many applicants accept places on courses at several universities but finance is the greatest hurdle in most cases. Applicants are sent up to 3 automated reminder e-mails at 3-week intervals regarding their decision.

Applicants are still required to meet all the conditions in the offer letters. UK and other EU students must sign a Financial Declaration regarding the payment of their tuition fees. Unless they have provided evidence of funding covering relevant tuition fees or exempted for any other reason (see notes), non-EEA students who are visa nationals must pay a £2,000 non-refundable tuition fee deposit (unless exempted – see Appendix VI).
Distance Learning applicants are not required to provide evidence that they can meet the costs of the course because most distance learning students are in employment and are able to pay per module. Instead, they must pay a non-refundable Registration Fee (currently £300). In many cases though, these students are sponsored by their employers.
As soon as an applicant has fulfilled all the conditions in their offer letter (usually between June and September) they are regarded as "fully complete" and likely to register. At this point they are entered as fully complete on AStRA PG Admissions, allocated a Student Reference Number and are able to liaise with the Accommodation Office over a place in a hall of residence. It is at this point only that overseas applicants will be issued with a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) in order to apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa. Before a CAS can be issued, the PG Admissions Office will check for evidence that the student has sufficient funds in their own account for the requisite 28-day period as required by the UKVI not only for themselves but also any dependents that they intend to bring with them to the UK.