11.10 Matriculation

All postgraduate students, except those who are already graduates of Aberystwyth University are required to matriculate before they may be admitted for postgraduate study. In order to matriculate applicants must:

(a) Have an undergraduate degree from an institution recognised by the AU (a note will be made on the decision form that is sent up with the application form if an applicant does not hold qualifications recognised by the AU). Applicants will be provisionally matriculated on the basis of a scanned copy of a final degree transcript or degree certificate. A sample of 10% of each cohort is selected randomly to provide their original documents at the point of registration (or Study School for Distance Learners). Either original or certified copies of degree certificates or transcripts will be required as proof of graduate status prior to completion of the admissions process and subsequent registration.


(b) For Masters courses (but not PhD and PGCE programmes) non-graduates who have at least 24 months of relevant professional experience can matriculate on the basis of this experience. This is to be verified at the decision stage of the application process by checking the application materials, particularly the references.

The main resource for evaluating non-UK qualifications is the UK NARIC. Both the qualification level and recognition of the HEI are checked. Grade comparisons are derived from NARIC information in conjunction with information used by other HEIs. These comparisons are provided for all EU countries and a significant number of non-EU countries:


See also the Regulations for Approval of Qualifications and/or Relevant Experience for Admission to Higher Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates of Aberystwyth University [MProf] for further information.

If a candidate does not meet either of these conditions, but a department considers them to be suitable for postgraduate study, a "Special Case" has to be made to the PVC (Student Experience & International) and reported to the AU Quality & Assurance Committee. This 'Case' is submitted by the Postgraduate Admissions Office. This usually only applies to those with non-UK qualifications but there have been exceptions to this. If you have any queries about matriculation please do not hesitate to contact either Rhys Ll. Williams (PG Admissions Manager).

Please note that applicants who may be able to matriculate may not necessarily be able to meet the specific entry requirements for the relevant course, e.g. 2.1 Honours degree or equivalent for research places, 2.2 Honours degree or equivalent for taught Masters, sufficient and relevant work experience for Masters with DIS. In such cases the applicant should consult either the Postgraduate Admissions Office or the relevant Department. The Department may look at a case in further detail where there might be extenuating circumstances, additional information, marks in the most relevant modules or if there if there is an improving trend in the applicant’s marks.