11.16 Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Personal information about applicants should not be divulged to any third party.  References are a complicated issue, however, where both the applicant (data subject) and the referee (data provider) must be considered. Under the Data Protection Act and in certain circumstances, the Freedom of Information Act, individuals, both within and outside of the University, have a right to access to their own personal data as held by AU. Applicants will therefore be able to access their files. Reasons for not offering a place, if provided on the Decision Form, may be communicated to the applicant. If not, the applicant may be referred to the relevant department regarding the decision on his/her application. All requests must be responded to within 20 days. For further advice please contact your departmental Data Protection Champion or the Data Protection Manager (ext. 8592); infocompliance@aber.ac.uk.