Regulations for the Certificate of Higher Education in Healthcare Education

Applicable to all students starting from September 2023

1. To be eligible for consideration for the award of a Certificate of Higher Education in Healthcare Education, a student shall:

  • have pursued an approved modular scheme of study for the period prescribed by the University, except as provided by Regulation 16 below.
  • have attained such minimum levels of credit as specified in a Scheme approved by the University.
  • have fulfilled any further condition(s) required by the University.

2. Schemes of study comprise approved modules, each of which carries a credit-rating, defined in relation to the notional learning hours associated with the module, as set out in the University’s Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS).

3. All modules are available at HE Level 1/CQFW 4, defined by the University in its CATS.

4. The Certificate is offered on a part-time basis and students are required to pursue 120 credits over two academic sessions.

5. Students will normally be assessed in the period immediately following completion of the teaching associated with each module in accordance with methods of assessment and marking procedures approved by the University.

6. The modular pass mark shall be 40%. At the discretion of the Examining Board, students may be permitted up to two attempts to redeem a failed theory module, and one attempt to resit the practice-based module. They shall be eligible only for the award of the minimum pass mark in each such module, irrespective of their actual level of performance. Additional resit opportunities may be made available by Examination Boards where it is accepted that performance was affected by special circumstances.

7. Subject to paragraph 6 above, where a student has failed a module overall but has passed certain assessed elements, the marks achieved in those elements shall normally be carried forward to any resit.

8. In the case of failed modules, students will be expected to resit all failed component assessments.

9. Students shall be deemed to have completed a module once the teaching associated with it has finished and shall not be allowed to withdraw from the final assessment unless there is evidence of special circumstances (illness or other compassionate grounds) which can be shown to have affected their performance and which has been presented to the relevant Examining Board before it considers their results.

10. Where assessed work is defined as an essential part of a module, Departments shall clearly specify in the information given to students the penalties for non-submission. Where a student fails to submit assessed coursework by the specified deadline there should be no automatic right of re-submission to retrieve a failure.

11. Departments will maintain records on all students who fail individual modules.

12. Departmental Examining Boards shall record clearly where marks have been adjusted and the grounds for adjustment.

13. Students who are absent without good cause or explanation from examinations or who fail because of non-submission of assessed work under rules defined by the University shall suffer the penalty set out by the University. Those who, because of medical, compassionate or other special grounds, have failed or been absent from module assessments, may with the approval of the Examination Board be allowed to resit for the full mark. Such students shall have the option of resitting the relevant modules (see Examination Conventions for details).

14. CertHE Healthcare Education students must pass all component assessments in all modules; no failed credits are permitted.

15. CertHE Healthcare Education students who have fulfilled the requirements of the scheme shall be awarded the certificate on a pass/fail basis.

16. Every student shall complete all prescribed assessment within four years from the start of the scheme. The above time-limit may be extended in exceptional cases upon approval by the University.

17. Examination scripts and other assessed work shall be retained by Departments for a minimum of six months after candidates complete their study scheme.

18. Students who satisfactorily complete the CertHE Healthcare Education may credit transfer onto Level 5 (second year BSc Adult or Mental Health Nursing) part-time pathway of the pre-registration nursing degrees (subject to the number of places available and successful application process). Students will not be required to return the Certificate of Higher Education if they choose to progress on to the pre-registration nursing degree.