21. Omission or Misrepresentation of Significant Information during Application or After Registration

21.1 Omission or Misrepresentation of Academic Information

21.1.1 All applications are considered by the University on the basis of information provided by the applicant. The UCAS handbook can be accessed here: https://www.ucas.com/

21.1.2 Undergraduate applicants are informed at the offer stage under the verification section of the offer package that all new undergraduate students should be able to prove that they have fulfilled the necessary academic conditions for admission. Aberystwyth University reserves the right to cancel registration if the applicant once admitted as a registered student is unable to prove that they hold the appropriate qualifications that were stipulated for admission.

21.1.3 Postgraduate students are subject to the matriculation requirements of Aberystwyth University and must, if they are not graduates of Aberystwyth University, provide evidence of their qualification to Aberystwyth University.

21.1.4 If, after registration, the student is unable to provide evidence of the academic qualifications or academic history claimed for the purposes of admission, the relevant Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor will consider the case.

21.1.5 The student will be invited to attend an interview with the Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor either alone or in the company of a fellow student of the University, a representative of the Students’ Union or a member of his or her family.

21.1.6 The penalties open to the Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor will be:

(i) to impose certain conditions on the student being able to continue in the University;

(ii) to require the student to withdraw temporarily or permanently.

21.1.7 The student will have a right to request a Final Review under the terms of the Academic Regulation on Academic Progress. In requesting a Review the student must give grounds for not making the new evidence available earlier.

21.2 Omission or Misrepresentation of Medical Circumstances

The existence of medical or other problems does not obviate the responsibility of the student for their education or their responsibility towards other members of the academic community. In line with the ‘Omission or Misrepresentation of Significant Information During Application or After Registration’ (point 22. above) students are required to declare any illness or disease likely to interfere with their health or studies or the health or studies of other students. This is to ensure the University is in a position to discharge its duty of care to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of all its students and to enable reasonable adjustments to be made to support students in their studies in line with Equality Legislation.

21.3 Fitness to Attend/Return

Where, as a result of ill health or disability a student’s behaviour is impacting adversely on the health, safety, wellbeing or academic progress of themselves or others, and requires positive management rather than disciplinary action, the University will invoke its Fitness to Attend Policy. The Fitness to Attend Policy are intended to provide an effective framework for protecting the integrity of a student’s learning, academic achievement and student experience and for ensuring that effective and appropriate support is available for those facing a health crisis which includes mental health issues. For further information about the Policy please contact Student Support Services.