1. Introduction

1.1 The Rules and Regulations of the University apply at all times including term and vacation.

As part of their responsibility for the administration of the University, the Director of Finance and Corporate Services (or deputised authority) is responsible for all University premises including the Students’ Union Building and for the maintenance of good order. They have authority to:

(i) require people not to assemble on University property and grounds;

(ii) require people to leave University property and grounds;

(iii) withhold consent for meetings;

(iv) require the termination of meetings.

This authority will only be carried out once all reasonable attempts to consult with Human Resources (HR), with Campus Services and with the Students’ Union have been exhausted, and will only be considered if one or more of the following criteria apply;

1. That there has been a contravention of the University’s Rules, Regulations and Policies;

2. That the safety and wellbeing of the speaker, attendees or those in the vicinity has been compromised;

3. That there has been an environmental or infrastructure emergency, e.g. adverse weather or utilities failure.

They may delegate this authority in whole or in part to other employees of the University, in particular out of normal working hours or in their absence. In these cases, as before, any decision to require people not to assemble must fall under one or more of the above three criteria, and again all reasonable attempts to consult with Human Resources HR, with Estates, Facilities and Residences and with the Students’ Union must have been made and evidenced.

1.2 All members of staff have a part to play in assisting in the maintenance of student discipline and most cases of minor misconduct will normally be dealt in the first instance by an individual member of staff on an informal basis by guidance on the correct behaviour and conduct.