3.12 Internal Reviewer

1. Internal reviewers are appointed by Academic Registry to attend departmental examination boards.


2. The Internal Reviewer is not a member of the examination board, and should not be an internal examiner for the examination board in question. Academic Registry may therefore need to appoint more than one reviewer to enable attendance at all boards. Where it is not possible for the Academic Registry to provide an internal reviewer for a particular board, the role may be fulfilled by a reviewer from the Faculty.


3. Internal reviewers should attend all meetings of examination boards where external examiners are expected to be present, and should also attend the semester one meetings of Part Two and Postgraduate Taught boards.


4. Internal reviewers are not expected to comment on individual cases during meetings of examination boards. Their role is to observe the board’s application of university regulations and the guidance provided in the Academic Quality Handbook. They may also draw attention to and share good practice within the Faculty.

 Chapter Reviewed: Sept 2020