Permission to submit PhD thesis in alternative format

PhD Alternative Format

The Alternative Format allows a doctoral student to submit material that is in a format suitable for publication in a peer reviewed journal rather than a traditional thesis. Apart from the inclusion of such materials, the Alternative Format thesis conforms to the same standard and is governed by the same regulations as the traditional PhD thesis. Before completing this form, please consult the Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy.


Full-time and part-time PhD students wishing to submit their thesis in Alternative Format must complete this form by the end of their second year of registration (FT) or fourth year (PT). NB: this option is not available to MPhil students.


Interested students should make enquires to their supervisors early in their research if they feel that their output may be suitable for the Alternative Format. If they wish to apply formally, students should complete the Alternate format PhD form and submit it to their Faculty. The Faculty Research Monitoring Committee will decide whether an Alternative Format submission is appropriate and report this to the next Graduate School Monitoring meeting; if approved, the form should be sent to the Academic Registry.  If the application has not been accepted, the Faculty will explain the decision to the student.