Procedure for the submission of Theses for Examination (PHD, PhDFA, MPhil, LLM (Research)

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The following notes will guide you when completing the form necessary for submission of your thesis for examination by Aberystwyth University. A checklist has been included to assist you with ensuring you have completed all the necessary steps prior to submitting your work.

Included in these notes is the Mandatory Layout for the Declaration and Statements form which must be included with your thesis. The content of this page should be reproduced as is, then completed, signed and included within the binding of the thesis. At the end of the document is the ‘Loose Summary sheet’ to be completed and handed in along with two copies of your thesis. Use black ink for all forms.

Following the guidance carefully and fully will allow the University to examine your thesis in a timely manner. Please read the notes of guidance carefully, separate them from the forms and sheets and retain them for future reference.


  • Checklist for Candidates
  • Notes of Guidance for Candidates
  • Types of Binding
  • Guidelines for mandatory submission of electronic versions of theses
  • Format of Electronic Submission
  • Dispatch of Thesis
  • The Examination Process
  • Binding of the thesis after the viva