Exam Results for Taught Masters Schemes

Module Marks

All students are informed of their marks via their student record on the web after the approval of the Senate Examining Board. 

THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF THE DISSERTATION IS 50 WEEKS AFTER COMMENCING THE COURSE.  It is important students consult their departments to discuss submitting the dissertation. 

Students who do not wish to proceed to complete the dissertation and would like to exit with a Diploma or Certificate should consult with their department and then complete a Notification of Intention to Exit Masters form.  

Failed modules can be resat for the pass mark of 50%. Students must register to resit via their Student Record on the web after taking advice from their department(s).  Students can contact the Academic Registry via pgsstaff@aber.ac.uk with enquiries.  The Examination Conventions are available here.

Students should ensure that all fees are paid and that there are no outstanding debts.

It is important that students regulary check their email as this is our primary source of communication with most students. However it is also important that the private email, telephone numbers and address section of the Student Record be kept up to date as the University may need to contact you with important information and correspondence regarding your results and Graduation.  If students need to contact the Academic Registry regarding any issue to do with the data held on the Student Record the email address is pgsstaff@aber.ac.uk

If for any reason students need to contact us regarding Graduation you may do so by emailing gaostaff@aber.ac.uk, alternatively your enquiry may be answered by the Graduation web pages.