Pre Registration

Confirmation of Module Choices

You will see from the departmental guidelines that once you have input your module choices on your record and submitted your choices that your department(s) will confirm them on-line.

List of Departments with Module IDs:


DepartmentModule IDs
Art AH, AR,
Biological, Environmental & Rural Sciences BG, BR, RD, RG, RS, SS
Computer Science CC, CS, SE
Education & Lifelong Learning AD, ED
English & Creative Writing EN, WL, WR, CL
Geography & Earth Sciences DA, EA, GG, GS
History & Welsh History HA, HC, HP, HQ, HY, WH
Information Studies IL
International Politics GQ, GW, IP, IQ, SA, EU
International English Centre IC
Law & Criminology CR, LA, CT, LC, LD
Management & Business AC, EC, MM, AB, MR, CB
Mathematics MA, MT, MP, MX
Modern Languages EL, FR, GE, IT, SP, FF
Physics FG, PH, MP, PM
Psychology PS, SC
Theatre, Film & Television FM, TC, TP
Welsh CY, GC, IR, LL, WE