How to Register for your Summer Resit Assessments

If you are eligible to resit assessments during the Summer Resit Assessment period in August you MUST register whether you wish to take resits or not and you do so online via your Student Record. Please follow the Summer Resit Assessments link below for details of when to register.

Eligible students will see under the 'My Tasks' heading on the home page of the Student Record a button titled ‘Summer Resit Assessments’ click on this and you will be forwarded to a screen where you can indicate whether or not you wish to resit (only the modules you are eligible to resit will be shown).  You indicate your choice by clicking on the Yes / No options then click on the button at the bottom of the page ‘Submit Resit Choices’.  You will receive an email shortly after submitting your choices to confirm your intentions.

Students who are not eligible to resit during the Summer Resit Assessments will not see the ‘Summer Resit Assessments’ button under 'My Tasks'.

It is essential you check your results, consult with your department(s) and register your intentions IF you have the option to resit any module (coursework or examination) during the August Summer Resit Assessment period.  You will not be sent any paper documentation.