Dr Samuel Raybone

Dr Samuel Raybone

Lecturer in Art History

School of Art

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I am a historian of art and visual cultures, specialising in the history and historiography of Impressionism; nineteenth-century photography; and ephemera (transient, disposable images like postage stamps, restaurant menus, and trade cards). I take an interest in critical theory, most recently Walter Benjamin's writings on modern historicity, temporality, and aesthetics.

My forthcoming book, Gustave Caillebotte as Worker, Collector, Painter re-interprets the career of this once-forgotten painter by foregrounding his compulsions to work and to collect.

My present research examines intersections of class, disability, and masculinity in nineteenth-century medical photography; Impressionism, collecting practices, and nation-building in Wales; and ephemera as evidence for an alternative aesthetics of modernity.

I teach broadly on European art and visual culture in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries; photography from 1839 to the contemporary; critical theory and research methodologies; and art historiography.



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