Research Training for PhD Candidates

Throughout their candidature, doctoral students receive research training tailored to their specific needs. In addition to the general research skills training provided centrally, subject-specific training is delivered as part of the supervisory process and offered through departmental modules, seminars and workshops, as well as specialised internal and external courses. Students meet with their supervisors annually to agree on a departmentally monitored program of research training that is recorded in a ‘Research Training Compact.’ The Self-reflective Writing and Analysis module provides subject-specific training for the development of theses and exhibitions. Further specialist training—ranging from art practice to bibliographic, palaeographic, computer and language skills—are offered according to the needs of the individual student.

Financial support is available from the School of Art and from the University’s Office of Postgraduate Studies to enable doctoral students to attend external courses or work periodically with an artist, art historian or museum.