Learning and Teaching Enhancement Fund


Enhancing Learning and Teaching

Another round of funding, for projects enhancing learning and teaching, will be available in 2017 (See https://www.aber.ac.uk/en/cdsap/teaching/ltef2016/ for a list of the successful projects from the last round in 2016).

A total of £25,000 will be available.  Both small and large projects will be considered.  Only one project of up to £10k will be funded, with other projects funded to a maximum of £5k.  Larger projects will be expected to demonstrate a more strategic approach and wider impact across the University.

All projects should have demonstrable positive impact on the student learning experience.  The outcomes of all projects should have a likelihood of impact across departments and disciplines. Applications for projects that are too limited in scope, with little applicability beyond department interests are unlikely to succeed.  Applicants will need to address this issue directly in their bids.

The outcomes of all projects should be aligned to enhance University strategies within the remit of the Student Success Plan, or areas of Student Experience identified under the NSS/TUN survey results.

Applications for projects that address the current Annual Teaching Enhancement theme (assessment and feedback) will be of particular interest in this funding round.


Previously, we have often received projects that were similar or had clear overlap and applicants have been asked to collaborate on a resubmission.  Initial project proposals have also often been insufficiently strategic or limited in the scope of their impact in relation to the funding requested.

To improve the quality of project proposals, this year, we will enable applicants to discuss early drafts of their project ideas with members of the awards panel and other applicants.


1. An initial brief outline of a project idea submitted by email to gjl@aber.ac.uk, for which brief initial feedback will be provided.  Deadline: 29th Jan 2017.

2. Mandatory attendance at half-day 'Application by Presentation' event, in early February 2017. No application will be accepted if your initial proposal is not presented at this event.  If you are unable to attend yourself, we ask that someone presents on your behalf. 

We require that at least one of the applicants for each project attend for the full event.  The length of the event will be determined by the number of applications, but is likely to be 2-3hrs.  Exact dates and venue will be circulated shortly.

3. A 10 minute presentation will be made for each proposed project, giving a brief overview of the objectives and how these will be addressed.

4. After all projects have made their initial pitch, we will use a modified form of action-learning sets to enable the whole group to seek ways to improve each proposal, explore possible synergies and maximise the impact and scope of the projects on student learning.

5. Final and detailed applications to the fund will then be drafted and submitted by 6th March 2017.

Please circulate this email to staff in your institute/department.