Training Resources

These are resources from some of the CPD sessions organised and run by the LTEU.

Active Learning ​& Student Engagement Online

Active learning can help students engage with learning tasks, promote deeper learning, and foster higher order thinking. The result can be better retention of learning.  

This session explores why and how we might want to make lectures more interactive. While there is already a lot of good practice in active learning at our university, especially in seminars and practicals, it can be challenging to use active learning in a lecturing context. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Two common approaches are to break up lectures with short interactions or hold longer problem-solving activities that require students to prepare outside of class. 

Active Learning Workshop (PDF)

Active Learning Workshop (Word)

Active Learning Workshop (PowerPoint)

Active learning introductory video

Moving to Online Teaching

This session provides a basic introduction to teaching online. These videos provide information about various aspects of online teaching:

Introduction (7 minutes)

Using Blackboard (6 minutes)

Panopto and Teams (10 minutes)

Assessment (11 minutes)

Third Party Software (4 minutes)

We also have a set of short recordings on setting up interactive activities in Blackboard

You can also view these as a single video (35 minutes)


Creating Accessible Learning Materials

Choices you make when creating learning materials can make a big difference for your students, especially those with a disability or specific learning difference. There is no one formula that is perfectly suited for all students, but you can easily make your documents as accessible as possible for as many students as possible. Moreover, accessible documents are simply easier to use, which helps all students learn better.

These recordings covers Word documents, PowerPoint, PDF, and media files that staff make available electronically through Blackboard or elsewhere. We work through the Digital Accessibility Checklist and explain how small changes can help your students. 

After viewing these materials you should be able to

  • Use the Accessibility Checker when creating MS Office documents
  • Use Styles to make the structure of your material clear to students
  • Use appropriate colour choices and contrast to make documents readable
  • Use appropriate settings when creating PDF files from MS Office documents


Introduction (3 minutes)

Why accessibility? (6 minutes)

Introducing the Accessibility Checklist (2 minutes)

Creating accessible Word documents (13 minutes)

Creating accessible PowerPoint presentations (6 minutes)

Creating an accessible PDF (4 minutes)

Accessible audio and video (2 minutes)

Additional Materials

Creating Accessible Learning Materials training session handout (DOCX)

Digital Accessibility Checklist (DOCX)

Accessibility checker video

POET image description tool

Contrast Checker

Using Styles video

Academy Forum

The Aber Academy Forum is open to members of the university community: teaching staff, postgraduate tutors, administrative / support staff, and students are all welcome. The Forum provides a platform for sharing good practice in learning and teaching.

If you would like to be notified of upcoming sessions, email to be added to our mailing list. 

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Academy Forum Handouts

You can find handouts from previous Academy Forum sessions here.