Scratch Animation Competition for Primary Schools in Wales

Supported by:

Kano – ‘A Computer Anyone Can Make’.

Pi-top – ‘We Make The Future’.

Make a 90 second animation in one of the following two categories:

  • A poem by Eurig Salisbury. Eurig was the Welsh Children’s Laureate 2011-13. 
  • A Welsh Myth (e.g. from the Mabinogion).

 Eurig has given us two different poems for this year’s contest:


Dad, I like your hair,
It’s shiny and, yeah,
I really like your tie …
No lie.

Dad … can I have a little horse
For my birthday, just one, of course,
One little horse, please,
Please, please?

Can I Dad? One with a cute nose
And a long snout, that likes to pose?
A friendly horse with eyes that shine,
All mine?

Can I, Dad? One with a silk coat
And hooves that clap like a mountain goat?

A mighty horse that jumps up high …
Can I?

If you’ll say yes then, Dad, I swear
That she’ll be always in my care,
And I’ll be good until July …
No lie.

Eurig Salisbury

Wilbert the Wizard

Wilbert the wizard was wise,
Wilbert the wizard was rich,
Wilbert was friends with every elf
And witch.

Wilbert the wizard was skilled,
He had a majestic wand
and magic spells of which he was all
Too fond.

Wilbert the wizard was grand,
He wore his great blue cloak
From when he went to bed till when
He woke.

Wilbert the wizard was bright,
Wilbert the wizard was made …

But then he choked on a tiny nut
One day,

And that was it.

Eurig Salisbury


Across the two entry categories we will select the best four entries. Each winning entry will win either a Kano Computer Kit or a Pi-top Laptop.

Each winning entry will also win a free ‘Coding Day’ for their primary school. For the ‘Coding Day’ Aberystwyth University Computer Science Department will come to the primary school and deliver a day of coding workshops.

All prizes for winning submissions will be delivered to the primary school listed in the submission.


To register your intent to take part in the competition, email your details (and those of your school) to You will be sent a link to a Dropbox folder to which you can add your submission.

Please ensure that you state the category of your submission and that you include your contact details and those of your primary school.

The closing date for submissions will be 31st July, 2018