Man controlling a minature Mars rover robot

The Department of Computer Science has a vibrant team of researchers including lecturing staff, research staff and research students.

The research of the Department is organised within four research groups: Advanced Reasoning Group, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Group, Intelligent Robotics Group and Vision, Graphics and Visualisation Group.

All groups investigate and develop techniques and applications of intelligent systems where we actively encourage close inter-group working, giving a high degree of coherence to the Department's research.

Advanced Reasoning Group

The Advanced Reasoning Group is well known for its ground-breaking research in knowledge representation and modelling using fuzzy-rough techniques, theory and applications of randomised search heuristics and other computational intelligence methods, as well as applications of artificial intelligence in manufacturing systems.

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Group

The Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Group conducts research in areas such as data analysis of large scale biological data, formalisation of biological data, biomedical informatics, genetics, pharmacogenomics and systems biology.

Intelligent Robotics Group

The Intelligent Robotics Group is a well-known robotics group in the UK, and part of the UK-Robotics and Autonomous Systems network. The group is involved in both national and international research consortia covering a wide range of domains from land, sea, air and space as well as indoor robotics. It focuses on both software and hardware issues that are key to 'unconstrained environments'.

Vision, Graphics and Visualisation Group

The Vision Graphics and Visualisation Group has diverse interests covering many aspects of visual data creation and processing, including medical image analysis and understanding; computer vision for robotics; virtual reality for Mars exploration; vision models for understanding human perception; and applications of computer vision in marine and plant biology.