The Computer Science department as a whole collaborate as part of a continuing effort to engage with multiple communities outside of purely academic pursuits.

Recent examples include working with other academic institutions and personnel, local schools, software development organizations and for many other various causes.

Schools Engagement

Members of the department frequently interact with local schools, hoping to both entertain and inform local schools and colleges with visits based on a variety of topics. The Computer Science department offers the following talks which are sure to interest and engage your students:

  • What can you do with a degree in Computing?
  • Artificial Intelligence: what is 'intelligence'? Can a machine be intelligent?
  • Sorting: designing rules to sort ideas/objects
  • Robotics (introduction or programming)
  • Animation with Scratch

Scratch Animation Competition for Primary Schools in Wales

We have a variety of resources available for teachers, students and parents/guardians online in the Outreach Hub. These materials, aimed at a variety of age-groups, include home experiments, worksheets, projects, challenges, research topics, webinars, puzzles, lesson materials and more.


Robotics Club

Members of the department also run the Aberystwyth Robotics Club, supported by the Infinity Exhibition and Technocamps, it's an after school club hosted by Aberystwyth University. For more info, visit their webpage.

BCS Events

The department works with the Mid-Wales branch of BCS , the Chartered Institute for IT. The branch holds meetings on topics in computing and also Show & Tell events. These meetings are an ideal opportunity to learn more about different areas of the industry and talk about the issues in an informal setting. The branch committee contains members of staff, students and professionals from industry.

BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium

The BSCWomen Lovelace Colloquium is an annual one day conference for women students studying in computing, or in related subjects. Since 2008, the event has provided a platform for undergraduate and master students to share their ideas, network and receive a number of valuable talks from significant figures in both the computing industry, and in academia. Read more about the event at the BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium page.