Centenary Lecture Series

Aberystwyth is proud of the role that it has played in shaping the development of Geography and Earth Sciences as academic disciplines, with graduates from the department going to teach at universities around the world and making important contributions to research.

To celebrate our Centenary we are inviting back noted alumni and former staff from the department who have gone on to be professors, lecturers and research scientists at universities and research institutes in Britain and abroad to give guest lectures, in order to highlight this academic legacy.

The lectures are free of charge and open to all. The programme below will be regularly updated as times, locations, titles and further speakers are confirmed.


Weds 25 Oct

6pm, A6

Prof. Martin Siegert, Co-Director, Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, Imperial College.

Martha T Muse Prize winner

Former lecturer 1994-1998


‘How is Antarctica changing and why should we care?’

Thur 9 Nov

4pm, L-floor

Prof. Neil Wrigley, Southampton University

RGS Murchison Prize winner

Alumnus (BA 1974)


‘Adaptive Resilience of the High Street’

Weds 15 Nov

4pm, L-floor

Dr Aisling Dolan, Leeds University

Alumna (BSc 2006)


‘Ice and Climate in a Warmer World - Lessons from the Pliocene’


Thur 23 Nov

4pm, L-floor


Dr Dan Le Heron, Royal Holloway University

Alumnus (BSc Geology 2000; PhD 2003)


‘Re-imagining the shape of long-gone ice sheets: a geologist’s perspective’

Thurs 30 Nov

4pm, L-floor

Professor Richard Yarwood, Plymouth University

Alumnus (BA Geography 1990; PhD 1994)


“Citizen Geographies, Citizen Geographers”

Weds 13 Dec

4pm, :L-floor

Dr Michelle Farrell, Coventry University

Alumna (BSc Geography 2003)

“Seeing the wood for the trees: recent advances in the reconstruction of Holocene land-cover and land-use from pollen data”

Thur 18 Jan

6pm, A6


Prof. Tim Cresswell, Vice-President, Trinity College, Connecticut

Former lecturer and professor 1999-2006


‘Maxwell Street: Writing and Thinking Mobility and Place in a Chicago Market’

Thur 25 Jan

3.30pm (note)


Dr Kim Peters, University of Liverpool

Leverhulme Research Fellow

Former lecturer 2012-2016

Dr Jennifer Turner, University of Liverpool

Alumna (BA Human Geography 2008, PhD 2014); Former lecturer 2011-2013.

‘Invisible infrastructure: maritime motorways and the making of global mobilities’


‘Careful control: the infrastructure of water in carceral space’

Weds 31 Jan

4pm, L-floor

Dr Sarah Mills, Loughborough University

RGS Gill Memorial Award winner

Alumna (BA 2006, MA 2007, PhD 2011)


‘Mapping the Moral Geographies of Education’

Weds 7 Feb

4pm, L-floor

Professor Martin Jones, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Staffordshire University

Philip Leverhulme Prize winner

Former lecturer 1998-2004 and professor 2004-2013; Director of the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, 2004-2008.

‘For a New Regional Geography’

Weds 14 Feb

4pm, L-floor

Dr Ian Darbyshire, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Alumnus (BSc Geography 1997; PhD 2001)


‘Plant Diversity and Conservation in Africa’

Thur 22 Feb

4pm, L-floor

Dr John Harrison, Loughborough University

RSA Early Career Excellence Award winner

Alumnus (BA 2002, MA 2004, PhD 2006)


Economic Geography

Title to be confirmed

Thurs 1 March

4pm, L-floor

Dr Mark Smith, Leeds University

Former lecturer 2008-2012


Title to be confirmed


Weds 7 March

4pm, L-floor

Dr Keely Mills, British Geological Survey

Alumna (BSc 2005)


Title to be confirmed


Thurs 15 March

6pm, A6

Professor Deborah Dixon, Glasgow University

Former lecturer 1999-2012 and professor 2012

Human Geography

Title to be confirmed


Weds 21 March

4pm, L-floor

Prof Pete Adey, Royal Holloway University

Philip Leverhulme Prize winner

Alumnus (BA 2001, MA 2003, PhD 2006); Research Fellow 2006-7.



Title to be confirmed

Thurs 3 May

6pm, A6

Prof Paul Milbourne, Cardiff University

Alumnus (BA 1988, PhD 1991)


Rural Wales

Title to be confirmed

Weds 9 May

6pm, A6

Prof Melanie Leng, Nottingham University

Science Director, British Geological Survey

Alumna (PhD 1990)


“Understanding past climates using geochemical data from ocean and terrestrial sediments”

Thurs 17 May

4pm, L-floor

Dr Jessica Pykett, Birmingham University

Former research assistant and lecturer


Political Geography

Title to be confirmed

Weds 23 May

6pm, A6

Prof Jamie Woodward, Manchester University

Alumnus (BA 1986)


“A Volatile Nile: 6,000 Years of Environmental Change in Northern Sudan”

Weds 6 June

4pm, L-floor

Prof Chris Clark, Sheffield University

Alumnus (BSc 1985)


‘Understanding Ice Sheets Using Glacial Landforms’

Thurs 14 June

6pm, A6

Prof Julian Dowdeswell, Director, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge University

Polar Medal; RGS Founders Medal; RGS Gill Memorial Award; EGU Louis Agassiz Medal

Former lecturer 1986-89 and professor 1994-98; Director of Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences 1997-98.



Title to be confirmed