Information For Schools & Colleges

Here at DGES we're dedicated to hosting and providing outreach and public engagement events for people of all ages.

We welcome school and colleges for a campus and departmental visit at Aberystwyth University should you be interested. Our teaching staff have hosted numerous 6th form and college students at summer schools and school visits, with several of our lecturers also taking DGES on tour! With a dedicated team of Schools Liaison Officers, DGES is now even more accessible; so if you'd like to come to us, or vice-versa, please see the information on the left-hand side of the page below.


If you're interested in finding out more information about any item on this page, please email Prof Mark Whitehead on

DGES Schools Liaison Programme

We are so passionate about Geography and Earth Sciences and we would like to share that with prospective Geographers and Earth Scientists of the future.

We have a comprehensive school and college liaison programme designed to engage with all students of all ages and provide a range of resources so we hope we shall see you sometime soon.

School Visits from DGES

We arrange school and college visits around the country providing a variety of talks and demonstrations on topics that compliment geography syllabi at the AS and A levels.

Because we know that your teaching schedules are quite full, we are able to send a staff member and undergraduate student ambassadors to visit your school at a date and time that fits your schedule and lesson plans.

The topics we offer include:

• Climate change
• GIS and remote sensing
• Atmospheric circulation
• Fluvial processes
• Plate tectonics
• Natural hazards
• Glacial landscapes
• Urban and rural geography
• Population change
• Globalization and development
• Sustainability

Our staff of world-leading researchers in physical and human geography would also be happy to work with you and your staff to construct bespoke presentations as needed. 

Fieldwork in mid-Wales



Physical Geography students and staff at Borth Beach.

‌‌There are plenty of fieldwork opportunities in the local area too, which we would be more than happy to assist with should that be something you feel your students would benefit from – we can provide a number of resources and guidance to make your trip memorable.

Additional local information of interest

Geological guides to the local area, donated by Dr. Denis Bates. (These field guides are designed to be printed and then folded to take with you out in the field)