Studying through the medium of Welsh

Student measuring a stone using Vernier Calipers

Aberystwyth University offers a high level of provision for students to be able to study through the medium of Welsh - one of the highest in Wales.

The Department of Geography and Earth Sciences provides all students with the opportunity to study part of their course through the medium of Welsh. We offer a number of modules and courses which can be studied partially or entirely through the medium of Welsh. You can also choose to submit your coursework in Welsh if you prefer, even if the module is taught through the medium of English.

There are opportunities for students who are fluent in Welsh, in addition to those who are less confident or are learners. There are variations in undergraduate course modules and the amount that can be studied through the medium of Welsh.

‘Addewidion Aber’ is Aberystwyth University’s commitment to develop Welsh-medium provisions following the University’s Welsh-medium Academic Strategy. This is the most comprehensive plan of its kind by any university in Wales. These pledges highlight what is special about Aberystwyth and how the University offers a complete Welsh experience to students, including:

  • Flexible opportunities to study through the medium of Welsh in all departments
  • Guaranteed Welsh-speaking Personal Tutor
  • Bilingual work experience
  • Guaranteed Welsh-medium accommodation
  • Support for learning and improving your Welsh
  • Money in your pocket for following between 5 and 40 credits in Welsh
  • Free membership of the Welsh Students’ Union (Undeb Myfyrwyr Cymraeg Aberystwyth)
  • Space for Welsh-medium societies to meet.