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F800 Student Experience

Studying the F800 course has enabled me to explore geographical concepts in great depth whilst allowing me to apply my learning into real world situations. Having recently arrived home after 2 weeks in North America as part of the my degree, I have been able to research various current issues in the world as well as practice skills which can be used in a variety of studies and further employment once my degree has been completed. Applying to the University has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I would thoroughly recommend Aberystwyth and the degree scheme to everyone who is interested in Geography, whether it be Human or Physical or both.

F800 Course Views

Geography (F800) at Aberystwyth is a subject that has vastly opened my eyes to both the subject beyond A-levels, and life beyond our borders – within a studying and travelling perspective. My time at university has led me from one corner of the earth to another, places such as New York and Dubai, cities I couldn’t have imagined going to without the aid of this exemplary university. F800 is the kind of course that catches you off guard, yes you can continue to learn about volcanoes, rivers and mountains, but you also learn about the singing sands of Qatar, Quaternary research of The Ice Age, and the history of Islam - what I love is that you could arrive here, passionate about Physical Geography, and leave having written a Human Geography Dissertation, the possibilities are endless. The diversity of the course, the friendship of the people you meet, the striking weather and stunning views, has made Aberystwyth University an entirely unique studying experience that wins you over every time you see that sunset.