Adam Hepburn

2013-16: Geography (BSc), The University of Sheffield, First-class (Hons)

2016-17: Polar and alpine change (MScRes), The University of Sheffield, Distinction


Adam started a PhD at Aberystwyth in 2017 focusing on understanding the Martian cryosphere using the wealth of spaceborne remote sensing data. Specifically, this research concerns ice-landscape interactions at the Martian dichotomy boundary and seeks to address major gaps in the current understanding of mid-latitude glaciation on Mars. These include its timing, detailed sequence and spatiotemporal expression. 

Adam graduated from the University of Sheffield with a first-class geography degree in 2016 and gained an MScRes in polar an alpine change from the same institution in 2017. The title of the dissertations submitted for the two awards respectively were: 

'The relationship between topographic roughness and crater size-frequency derived age on the surface of Mars'


'Superimposed lobate debris aprons: diagnostic indicators of polyphase glaciation on Mars'

Adam is funded by the AberDoc scholarship.



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