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Prof David Kay


Department of Geography and Earth Sciences

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Rusiñol, M, Fernandez-cassi, X, Timoneda, N, Carratalà, A, Abril, JF, Silvera, C, Figueras, MJ, Gelati, E, Rodó, X, Kay, D, Wyn-jones, P, Bofill-mas, S & Girones, R 2018, 'Corrigendum to “Evidence of viral dissemination and seasonality in a Mediterranean river catchment: implications for water pollution management” [J. Environ. Manag. 159 (2015) 58–67]', Journal of Environmental Management, vol. 223, pp. 1100.
Kay, D, Crowther, J, Stapleton, C & Wyer, M 2018, 'Faecal indicator organism inputs to watercourses from streamside pastures grazed by cattle: Before and after implementation of streambank fencing', Water Research, vol. 143, pp. 229-239.
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Solo-Gabriele, HM, Harwood, VJ, Kay, D, Fujioka, RS, Sadowsky, MJ, Whitman, RL, Wither, A, Caniça, M, Carvalho Da Fonseca, R, Duarte, A, Edge, TA, Gargaté, MJ, Gunde-cimerman, N, Hagen, F, Mclellan, SL, Nogueira Da Silva, A, Novak Babič, M, Prada, S, Rodrigues, R, Romão, D, Sabino, R, Samson, RA, Segal, E, Staley, C, Taylor, HD, Veríssimo, C, Viegas, C, Barroso, H & Brandão, JC 2016, 'Beach sand and the potential for infectious disease transmission: Observations and recommendations', Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, vol. 96, no. 1, pp. 101-120.
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