Dr Jesse Heley

BA, MA and PhD from DGES.

Dr Jesse Heley

Senior Lecturer

Institute Director of Employability and Enterprise

Department Director of Employability and Enterprise

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Jesse Heley was awarded a BA and MA from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Having completed his Ph.D. at the same institution on the subject of 'Rurality, Class, Aspiration and the Emergence of a New Squirearchy', Jesse was appointed as a Research Associate in DGES in 2009. He took up a Lectureship in Human Geography in the same department in April 2012.

Jesse is Research Associate of the Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data & Methods (WISERD). He is the Director of Employability & Enterprise for the Institute of Geography, History, Politics and Psychology.



Jesse's research is situated within the broad fields of political geography, economic geography & spatial planning, being particularly concerned with rural restructuring & shifting class dynamics in the British countryside. Currently, Jesse's research addresses; the nature & impact of globalization in rural localities; the role of older volunteers in shaping & maintaining rural services & development; & ethnography & the ethical implications of undertaking 'native', 'local' & 'insider' research.'The Global Countryside: Rural Change & Development in Globalization' (GLOBAL-RURAL), Co-investigator with Professor Michael Woods (Principal Investigator). This is a five-year research project (Feb 2014 - Jan 2019) funded by the European Research Council.

‘Ageing, Serious Leisure & the Contribution of the Grey Economy’ Principal Investigator, with Dr Laura Jones, Dr Sophie Yarker & Professor Paul Milbourne). Part of the ESRC-funded ‘WISERD Civil Society Research Centre’, this work package is exploring the value that the non-working/ retired over 60s group attach to & extract from 'serious leisure' pursuits, the interaction between serious leisure & social class, & the value of serious leisure pursuits as part of the social & economic fabric of local & regional economies.

Current PhD Students

Márton Lendvay Will Andrews Greg Thomas Beth Saunders Fidel Budy

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