Ms Flossie Caerwynt BA Drama and Theatre Studies & History, MA History and Heritage, PhD Human Geography

Ms Flossie Caerwynt

Post-doctoral Research Associate (WISERD Civil Society)

Department of Geography and Earth Sciences

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Flossie began her postdoctoral post with WISERDs Civil Society research centre in 2020, whilst completing her PhD research at Aberystwyth University. The topic of her doctoral research was Countercultral Cymru: stories of lifestyle migration to rural Wales, 1965-1980. This was centred on primary data collected through interviews with the migrants themselves, and dealt with themes of reacting against cultural change and political chaos, alongside concepts of belonging and identity.
The use of stories and oral testimony as research sources continue to play a central part in Flossie’s research interests, as she continues to explore reactions to cultural change and political chaos through the lens of contemporary civil society and polarisation. Other research interests include:
-    the development of sustainable / alternative lifestyles
-    heritage (in particular heritage values, intangible heritage, and heritage interpretation)
-    interdisciplinary research methods
Flossie is also a postdoctoral representative for the Centre for Welsh Politics and Society.


WISERD current research projects 
Populism, conflict and political polarisation
Examines the links between shifting political behaviours and changes in employment structures, as well as how populist politics are fostered within places and how civil society can act to address this.
Patronage, elites and power relations
Explores systems of patronage within civil society and the connections between civil society, civic stratification and elite formation.
New repertoires of contention and social mobilisation: shifting dynamics of civic stratification and the marketisation of social justice in the energy transition
Utilises comparative case studies in the UK and Australia to explore how new, technologically-enabled transnational repertoires of social mobilisation contribute to the shifting dynamics of civic stratification in the age of uncertainty.

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Caerwynt, F 2023, Migration, community and identity: Countercultural lifestyle migration to rural wales, 1965-1980. Routledge Research in Culture, Space and Identity, 1 edn, Taylor & Francis, Abingdon. 10.4324/9781003358671
Kingsbury, F 2017, Living the Dream? A Geography of Lifestyle Migration to Rural Wales, 1965-1980. in Welsh Human Geography Postgraduate Conference.
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