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Dr George Petropoulos


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George P. Petropoulos completed his graduate studies (MSc, PhD) at the University of London in 2008, specialising in Earth Observation (EO) Modelling, focusing specifically in the retrievals of energy fluxes (latent & sensible heat fluxes) & soil moisture from the synergy of optical (VNIR & TIR) EO data with simulation process models. A variant of the methodology he investigated during his PhD has been proposed for deriving operational estimates of soil moisture by NPOESS/NASA Space Agencies in downscaling the European Space Agency's (ESA's) operationally distributed soil moisture product provided today by their SMOS satellite.

After completing his PhD, George worked for 1.5 years as a postdoctoral fellow at Bristol University (UK), focusing principally on the exploitation of EO data in post-fire hazard assessment. Since then, & until the end of 2011, he worked in Greece as a research fellow supporting research & teaching activities in a variety of institutions & R&D projects, in some of which he was the coordinator (PI) himself. His last position prior to joining the DGES was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow of the European Space Agency (ESA) based in Greece. At present, as a Senior Lecturer in DGES he also holds a Marie Curie Fellowship from the European Commission (2013-2017).

Additional Information

Dr. Petropoulos serves as a Council member of the Remote Sensing & Photogrammetric Society (RSPSoC), Editorial Board Member on several international peer-reviewed scientific journals in EO & environmental modelling & as a reviewer for various funding bodies (including the European Commission). He is also responsible for the global distribution & maintenance of the SimSphere l& biosphere model from DGES & also for the in-situ soil moisture monitoring network "Wales Soil Moisture Network (WSMN)". He has also convened the organisation of several scientific sessions at international conferences (+10 so far) & of special issues (+3 so far) to scientific journals. He is Editor/Co-editor of 2 books so far (for Taylor & Francis & Elsevier), author/co-author +50 peer-reviewed journal articles (a total sum of >140 impact factor points), +90 international conferences. He has developed fruitful collaborations with key scientists in his area of specialisation globally, & his work so far has received international recognition via several significant awards he has obtained.



Research Interests

Exploit Earth Observation (EO) technology alone or synergistically with l& surface process (mainly SVAT) models in deriving key state variables of Earth's energy balance & water budget to better underst& Earth's l& surface interactions & feedback processes.

Quantify l& use/cover & of its changes (including estuarine ecosystems) occurred from anthropogenic activities exploiting for this purpose technologically advanced EO technology & synergistic multi-sensor modelling techniques.

Utilise EO technology & GIS geospatial analysis techniques in geohazards from prediction, to mapping damage & the recovery dynamics of the hazard-affected areas, with most emphasis on his research so far in floods, wildfires & frost.

Contribute to the development of open source software tools in EO modelling & develop & implement all-inclusive benchmarking approaches to either EO operational algorithms/products or surface process models, including advanced sensitivity analysis.

Grants & Funding (representative grants with a PI role)

2013 - present:

European Commission, Marie Curie Re-Integration, Postdoctoral Fellowship

2014 - 2015:

High Performance Computing Facilities, Wales, R&D project

2011 - 2014:

European Space Agency (ESA) Support to Science Element, Postdoctoral Fellowship

2010 - 2011

Greek Scholarships Foundation, Greek Ministry of Education, Postdoctoral Fellowship

2002 - 2006

Greek Scholarships Foundation, Greek Ministry of Education, Scholarship for MSc & PhD studies

Research Groups



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