Dr Katie Miles

Dr Katie Miles

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Department of Geography and Earth Sciences


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Katie's PhD research investigated the internal structure and subsurface hydrology of a high-elevation debris-covered glacier (Khumbu Glacier, Nepal), through instrumented boreholes and fluorescent dye tracing experiments. She undertook four field seasons on Khumbu with the EverDrill research project and participated in an additional trip to the region as part of the "Walk the Talk" outreach and conference event. During her PhD, she also carried out fieldwork in Norway, studying ice and firn density using an optical televiewer.


2020 - present   Associate Lecturer, Aberystwyth University


2016 - 2020        PhD in Glaciology (Geography and Earth Sciences), Aberystwyth University

AberDoc PhD Scholarship & Aberystwyth University Music Bursary

Thesis: Field-based investigations of the subsurface environment of a high-elevation debris-covered glacier


2015 - 2016      MPhil in Polar Studies (Merit), Scott Polar Research Institute (University of Cambridge)

Thesis: Investigating the surface hydrology of the Greenland Ice Sheet using Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar imagery


2012 - 2015      BA in Geography (First Class Hons), University of Cambridge

Dissertation: Investigating the effect of glacial debris cover on hydraulic efficiency

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July 2020 - "Girls into Geoscience" virtual event ("Life in the Field Q&A panel")

July 2020 - Article for AntarcticGlaciers.org

Jun 2019 - EverDrill project research dissemination workshops in Solukhumbu and Kathmandu, Nepal

Feb 2019 - Blog post for EGU Cryosphere “Image of the Week”

Dec 2018 - Himalayan Research Expeditions "Walk the Talk" conference & outreach event, EBC trek Nepal

Nov 2018 - Article for The Conversation UK

May 2018 - Article for The Conversation UK, reprinted in The i Newspaper

Mar 2018 - British Science Week (Aberystwyth University, "Geography and elevation")

Sep 2017 - Blog post for rockyglaciers.com on Debris-Covered Glaciers

July 2017 - Blog post for EGU Cryosphere “Image of the Week”

July 2017 - Bluedot science festival (“Vanishing Glaciers of Everest”)

Jun 2017 - Radio interview for BBC Radio Wales (accompanying article)

Apr 2017 - TV interview for BBC Wales Today Evening News

Apr 2017 - Radio interview for BBC World Service Newshour (accompanying article)

Oct 2016 - Manchester Science Festival (“Vanishing Glaciers of Everest”)



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