Dr Andy Mitchell

Dr Andy Mitchell

Reader in Microbial Geochemistry

Department of Geography and Earth Sciences

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Andy Mitchell has come from Montana State University where he was an Assistant Research Professor in the Faculty of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Andy's interests are in the importance of microbes in regulating many common chemical reactions at the Earth's surface and in the deep subsurface, specifically through the interaction with mineral surfaces. He is particularly interested in how such processes allow microorganisms to survive in cold and icy environments and potentially on other planets. Andy also undertakes applied research into manipulating these biogeochemical processes for environmental engineering purposes, including metal and radionuclide pacification and geologic carbon capture and storage. Prior to this, Andy was a EU Marie Curie Fellow at the NanoGeoScience Centre, University of Copenhagen, a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Microbiology, Montana State University, and a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Geology, University of Toronto. Andy has travelled and worked all over the world, and is particularly drawn to mountainous areas and mountain sports.



Lab and field based Microbial Geochemistry:

  • Microbe-metal-sediment interaction, transport and deposition
    • Biogeochemistry in glacierised and snow covered environments
    • Environmental engineering - Bioremediation in surface and groundwater; Subsurface geologic carbon sequestration, enhanced oil recovery

Recent Grants and funding:

  • EU Innovative Training Networks (ITN). 2016-2020. ‘MicroArctic’. Microorganisms in Warming Arctic Environments. No. 675546. £3.8M. Work Package Leader and Co-Investigator.
  • Sêr Cymru National Research Network award for Low Carbon, Energy and the Environment 2014-2019. 'Geo-Carb-Cymru' The potential of low carbon subsurface energy in Wales. (£771,000). Principal Investigator.
  • HEFCW research capital investment 2013-14. Ex2EL Extreme Experimental Environments Laboratory. Principal investigators Dr Andrew Mitchell and Dr Arwyn Edwards (£350,000).
  • EU Maire Curie Reintegration Grant. CO2 TRAP. Proposal No: 277005. PI. (€45,000). Principal Investigator.

Postoctoral Fellowships (host):

  • Newton International Postdoctoral Fellowship 2018-2020 (host). New insight into the microbial transformation of selenium for bio-remediation - Dr. Pallavee Srivastara.
  • EU Marie Curie COFUND postdoctoral fellowship 2017-2020 (Host). KAT-TRAP: Kinetic And Thermodynamic controls on calcium carbonate formation during geologic carbon TRAPping project - Dr. Karina Sand.

Current PhD Students:

  • Andre Soares
  • Ian Stevens
  • Melanie Hay
  • Sarah Easter
  • Keegan Burrows

Current Postdoctoral fellows:

  • Dr. Sara Rassner (NRN-LCEE)
  • Dr. Pallavee Srivastara (Royal Society)
  • Dr. Karina Sand (EU Horizon 2020 COFUND)

Prospective postgraduate students

Very interested to hear from any students with interests in microbe-mineral interactions, mineral formation and stability, metal and radionuclide pacification, carbon capture and storage, glacial biogeochemistry and microbiology. Possible sources of funding available.


IGHPP Director of Research Science

Co-Director - Interdisciplinary Centre for Environmental Microbiology

Manager - Extreme Experimental Environments Laboratory (Ex2El)

Associate Editor Frontiers in Geochemistry

UK Geo microbiology Society Committee Member

Research Groups


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