Svenja Riedesel



Svenja obtained a BA in Geography, German and Educational Science from the University of Cologne, during which she developed a keen interest in physical geography, especially geomorphology. Subsequently she studied for a MSc in Physical Geography at the University of Cologne, while working in the international research project QuakeRecNankai. In the framework of her MSc and this project, she investigated palaeo-earthquakes and tsunami along the Pacific coast of Japan and developed a luminescence chronology of historical extreme (wave) event deposits.

After obtaining a MSc degree with a special focus on optically stimulated luminescence dating, Svenja was employed as a research assistant at the University of Cologne, establishing the chronological framework of a coastal lake record of Holocene sea-level changes and extreme wave evens. She further gained fundamental luminescence knowledge as a visiting researcher at the Risø National Laboratory, Denmark, investigating kinetic parameters of feldspar minerals.


Since September 2017 Svenja is an AberDoc funded PhD student at Aberystwyth University. In the framework of her PhD, Svenja investigates luminescence processes in feldspars.



Prof Helen Roberts, Prof Nick Pearce, Prof Geoff Duller


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