Dr Taulant Guma

BSc in Anthropology (University College London); MSc in Russian, Central and East European Studies (University of Glasgow); MRes in Russian, Central and East European Studies (University of Glasgow); PhD in Central and East European Studies (University of Glasgow)

Dr Taulant Guma

Post-Doctoral Research Associate (WISERD / Civil Society)

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I completed my PhD in Central and East European Studies in 2015 at the University of Glasgow as an ESRC CASE scholarship holder. The PhD thesis, Everyday negotiations of in/securities and risks: an ethnographic study amongst Czech- and Slovak-speaking migrants in Glasgow, explored the complex ways in which recent migrants from Eastern Europe negotiated securities, dealt with risks and managed uncertainties in their daily life in Glasgow. As well as incorporating historical and cultural insights from the migrants' countries of origin, the study drew on sociological and anthropological perspectives on everyday risks and social security to critically interrogate existing theoretical, methodological, and empirical research on the nexus of  migration, social security, and risk.

My long-standing research interest in the topic of migration, which extends beyond my PhD thesis and current involvements,  is shaped by my multidisciplinary trainings and personal background. At the same time, I have also pursued my interest in social phenomena related to migration outside academia. In the past ten years I have been involved in various civil society organisations in the UK such as the Refugee Council, Migrants Rights Network, Migrants' Rights Scotland. 


Research interests

Critical migration research

Ethnographic approaches and qualitative research methods

Migration, social security and risks - anthropological and sociological perspectives

Civil society and migration

Transnational care arrangements

Local civil society and globalisation

Central and Eastern Europe, Wales, UK and EU


Additional Information

Member of GRAM-Net (Glasgow, Refugee, Asylum and Migration Network)

Member of management group of Centre for Welsh Politics and Society 

Member of EU Migrants Network 




I am currently involved in two WISERD research projects: 1)  Minorities, migrants, and engagement in civil society, which examines the participation of EU migrants in local civil society in Wales; and ) 2 Local civil society in a global age, which explores how imaginaries and practices of local civil society have been stretched and reconfigured by global interconnectivities. Both projects are part of ‘Locality, Community and Civil Society’ theme within the WISERD/Civil Society research programme.


Guma, T 2015, The ethnicisation of need. University of Glasgow.
Guma, T 2012, 'The 1951 UN Refugee Convention - 60 Years On' eSharp, pp. 1-8.