Dr Bill Perkins

Dr Bill Perkins


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Current PhD Students

  • KESS Studentship starting 1.10.11

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Research Interests

  • Analytical and environmental geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, biogeochemistry of mine drainage, metal mine remediation, metal mine drainage and bioabsorption, HR-ICP-MS.

Other Projects


Attenuation of light in different rock types and implications for rock surface luminescence datingOu, X. J., Roberts, H. M., Duller, G. A. T., Gunn, M. D. & Perkins, W. T., 2018 , In : Radiation Measurements.120, p. 305-3117 p.
Establishment of background water quality conditions in the Great Zab River catchment: influence of geogenic and anthropogenic controls on developing a baseline for water assessment and resource managementIsmaiel, I. A., Bird, G., McDonald, M. A., Perkins, W. & Jones, T., 2018 , In : Environmental Earth Sciences.50, 77.
Optimisation of slow-pyrolysis process conditions to maximise char yield and heavy metal adsorption of biochar produced from different feedstocksHodgson, E., James, A., Rao Ravella, S., Thomas Jones, S., Perkins, W. & Gallagher, J., 2016 , In : Bioresource Technology.214, p. 574-581
Geochemical assessment of mine waste cover performance post reclamation at Parc mine, North WalesDavies, A. A., Perkins, W. & Bowell, R. J., 2016 , In : Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis.16, 2, 320.
Field-scale study of the influence of differing remediation strategies on trace metal geochemistry in metal mine tailings from the Irish MidlandsPerkins, W. T., Bird, G., Jacobs, S. R. & Devoy, C., 2016 , In : Environmental Science and Pollution Research.23, 6, p. 5592-5608
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