Estates, Facilities & Residences (EFR)

Welcome to the Department of Estates, Facilities and Residences. We are a large front facing professional services department with a wide-ranging remit. Our main aim is ‘To provide, maintain and develop a high-quality environment in a professional, efficient, cost effective and customer focused manner to enable the University to meet its aims and strategic goals today and in the future.’ 

Department Structure

The overall objectives of the Estates, Facilities and Residences (EF&R) Department are to: 

  • Support and facilitate the activities of learning, teaching and research. 
  • Protect the fabric and services of AU buildings to maintain asset value. 
  • Provide a pro-active and reactive facilities management service. 
  • Improve communications with staff and users. 
  • Make better use of information systems that monitor performance and cost to facilitate management decision making. 
  • Achieve financial targets set by the University. 
  • Develop and train EF&R staff to deliver a quality service. 
  • Maintain and develop a quality residential experience. 
  • Become more involved in the early planning stages of new projects to ensure that ongoing maintenance is recognised and costed. 
  • Benchmark activities and services with other comparable institutions and use HESA data to set key performance indicators. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the relevant members of my team to speak about any requirements that you may have, where we can help.   

Andrea James 
Director of Estates, Facilities & Residences

Reporting details:

Maintenance requests, issues, fault reporting and small works requests -‌  telephone 01970 622999 or email

Large project requests and other enquiries - telephone 01970 621947 or email

Cleaning and portering requests - email

In an emergency, contact Site Security - telephone 01970 622649