Clarity online booking FAQs


For any queries relating to the Clarity online booking portal please direct your queries to the Travel and fleet team by Email: or Telephone 01970 621623.

What is Clarity, and what services do they provide to Aberystwyth University?

Clarity is the assigned Travel Management Company (TMC) for Aberystwyth University. They offer a wide range of services including UK and International Air, Rail, Hotel services, Ferry services, Eurostar, International Vehicle Hire, Visa services and relevant professional advice to all travellers.

All business travel and accommodation must be booked through Clarity (see travel policy for exceptions). The other services provided by Clarity are not a mandatory requirement of the travel policy.

I only book travel for other people. Do I still need to put my passport and mobile number in the Profile section?

It is not mandatory to enter your passport details. In your profile as a booker, you are only required to add your contact details. When you make a booking on behalf of a traveller their information, including their passport details, mobile contact, and seating preferences will be preset as long as they have completed their profile in the first instance.

Can I make a hotel or travel reservation on behalf of a group of people?

Yes, you can make a group hotel or travel reservation, provided that you are registered as a Booker on the Clarity online booking tool.

Can you add preferences and documents for other people if we book on their behalf? Or do they need to add it?

The individual needs to update their own profile, administration users within the Travel and Fleet team will also have the ability to add this information if required.

How do you book for someone if they don’t have a profile?

You can either ask a member of the Travel and Fleet team to add the profile for you, or you can book as a guest for a one-off booking.  However, we would encourage all staff to create a profile.

If I’m booking on behalf of someone else, do they need the app to collect train tickets and flight boarding passes etc?

The system will send the booking details to both the booker and the traveller via email. The traveller will not need the app but can use it if they wish.

Why do I need a purchase order to secure a booking?

In the same way that other booking portals require a purchase order, this is required as part of AU’s financial procedures and Clarity’s internal processes.  This ensures that all AU approvals are in place, and the purchase order number is readily available to be quoted on the invoice.

Are there any booking fees when using the online booking tool?

There are no booking fees applied when booking domestic and international hotels. There is a small fee applied when booking train journeys. Refunds and amendments to air, rail and hotel bookings will incur a fee.

Can we get a price match if we find the same flight/hotel/international rail cheaper elsewhere?

Clarity does operate a Price Match Guarantee. Please email quoting ‘price match’ in the subject line and any Clarity reference. Please include a screenshot, to enable Clarity to verify against their terms & conditions.

(The Clarity price match service is only available during their operational hours of 08:30hrs- 1800hrs, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays).

What insurance do these bookings have for cancelled rail or flights?

Clarity do not offer/provide insurance.  However, for any form of cancelled flights or rail journeys they will provide all relevant details in terms of the refund process and what costs can be recovered.

For general travel insurance queries our Travel and Fleet team can assist.

I am having trouble accessing my account.

Should you have any issues accessing an existing or new account please contact the Travel and Fleet section.

Can I still make a booking by email or over the phone?

Yes, if you wish, you can still arrange and place bookings by email and over the phone. We would encourage all staff to use the online booking tool due to ease of access, instant quotes for and to enable use of the Go2Track system.

Can I book International flights on the online booking tool?

All international flight bookings should be made through the local branch by emailing or telephoning Clarity.

When placing a booking on Go2Book, why are the titles only set as, Prof, Dr, Mr, Mrs, Ms and Miss?

The only passenger titles Go2Book can accept are those universally recognised by all major airlines and other travel providers. Until such a time that all suppliers universally agree a standard non-binary title such as MX, reservations can only be booked using Prof, Dr, Mr, Mrs, Ms and Miss.


Clarity as a member of the BTA (British Travel Association) have and will continue to raise the requirement for a non-binary traveler title and will alter and recognise any changes accordingly once suppliers have universally approved.

Why do I need to select either male or female gender when placing a booking?

Go2Book will prompt for gender information if the suppliers API (Application Programming Interface) requests these details to finalise the booking.


Some airlines require the information due to government law and entry to the country.


Airline flight reservations to the USA, are required by homeland security to provide full passport details and their gender details for each passenger. The Secure Flight program checks the reservation information against Government watch lists.  Gender information is included in reservations to eliminate false matches with the same or similar names, not to evaluate a person’s Gender.

What postcodes are considered as part of London when placing a hotel reservation for London?

E, EC, N, NW, SE, SW, W, WC, CR, SWV1, HA, BR, EN, IG, KT, RM, SM, TW, UB, WD BR, EN, IG, RM, SM, WD, TW, UB, DA

Can you add in rail cards?

Yes, you can add in rail cards.

How do I raise a concern or make a complaint to Clarity?

Please email should you wish to raise a concern or make a complaint.

Is there a mobile phone app that I can manage my booking/s made on Go2book?

Yes, all bookings can be managed on the Go2mobile app. The Clarity Go2Mobile app gives you all the information you need whilst travelling on business. Go2Mobile is a business traveller focused app designed to reduce the time and hassle involved in travelling, while also improving traveller wellbeing. All of your trip information is automatically updated when any changes occur, and live departure information keeps you in the loop. The app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.

Can I select to have a train e-ticket or do I have collect a train ticket from the train station?

In most cases, you will be able to select a train e-ticket when completing a booking. However, some train companies only support physical train tickets. You do not have to collect your ticket from the station you are travelling from, you can collect from any station with a ticket machine, allow 20 minutes from the time of booking and it will be ready.

For more information, please contact Travel and Fleet.

I have travel or accommodation funding that needs to be spent by a certain date. If I book my travel or accommodation well in advance, will this ensure I will receive the invoice to pay for the trip before the deadline?

Rail and flight invoices are usually emailed at the point of booking. Hotel and accommodation invoices are emailed once a traveller has completed their stay in full.