Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic Staff Network

The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Staff Network has been established by Aberystwyth University for all staff regardless of grade, job family or contract length. Regular meetings are held, which are open to all members. Members do not have to attend all meetings to remain members.

The aims of the Black Asian Minority Ethnic Staff Network are as follows:

  • To provide a forum for Black Asian Minority Ethnic Staff to network, discuss, and raise awareness on issues relating to race

  • To provide professional support and networking opportunities

  • To provide and signpost members to training and development opportunities

  • To act as a voice for Black Asian Minority Ethnic Staff, offering a source of support and a means of communicating with the University about BME issues in relation to University policies and practices

  • Assist with policy development on Black Asian Minority Ethnic Staff issues by providing advice and feedback to Human Resources and relevant University committees

The Black Asian Minority Ethnic Staff Network is open to any staff identifying as Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic groups and is delighted to welcome new members and contributions from members.

Membership of the network remains confidential.