Insurable Limits

Money Schedule Relating to Part 1 (Property)

Sub-Section 1 MoneyLimit
1. Cash and negotiable Money (as described in Definition 1A)
a) In the Premises during Working Hours or in transit or in a bank night safe or at any of the Member's contract sites during Working Hours £20,000
b) In the Premises out of working hours
  i) in specified locked safes or strong rooms As per list attached
  ii) in all other locked safes or strong rooms £1,500
  iii) not in a locked safe or strong room £500
c) In the private residences of any of the Member's Directors or Employees £350
d) In coin operated machines (per machine) £500
2. Crossed Cheques and non-negotiable Money (as described in Definition 1B) £500,000
3. Clothing and personal effects (not exceeding £50 per person in respect of personal money) belonging to any director member of the governing body or employee of the Member while engaged in the Business. £500 per person
4. Any Postal Franking Machine safe cash box strong-room or any container or waistcoat used for the carriage of Money belonging to the member or for which the member is responsible. Unlimited
5. Credit Card Extension (per card) £5,000
Sub-Section 2 Personal Injury (Robbery)
  Number of Units of Cover Four
Sub-Section 3 Bank Cheque Indemnity
  Limit of Liability - any one cheques
                          - in aggregate