Staff Expenses

Working from Home Tax Relief

Staff undertaking homeworking are able to file a tax deduction claim with HMRC for additional homeworking costs incurred, as no contribution will be made by the University towards normal household expenses incurred. Further information is available via the guidance document below:

Homeworking - Staff Deduction Claim (pdf)

Travel & Subsistence Rates

For more information on Car Hire please click Vehicle Hire Policy.

Important note on the calculation of mileage allowance.

NOTE: Staff should ensure that their insurance covers their car on University business and should only carry passengers if the policy permits. Where more than one member of staff attends the same meeting it is expected that they will travel in the same car.

  First 10,000 Business Miles in tax year
Over 10,000 Business Miles in tax year
Cars 45p 25p
Motorcycles 24p 24p
Cycles 20p 20p

Actual expenditure should be claimed subject to the maximum rates set out below.

Receipts will be required for all items other than small, incidental expenses where it is not practicable to obtain a receipt (up to £5.00 for each night away) Please Note: This is to reimburse actual expenditure.

Subsistence Provinces Major Cities* London & Overseas
Room Only £100 £115 £220
Bed & Breakfast £110 £125 £230
Evening Meal £25 £25 £25
Breakfast and/or Mid-day meal £10 £10 £10

*This column includes the cities of Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle  

Lodging Allowance All areas
With family or friends (incl. bed & breakfast)
Note: this will be paid with salary and be subject to tax


Incidental Expenses
UK Overseas
Maximum rate for actual incidental expenses for each night away - not receipted £5.00 £10.00


Day subsistence (Where there is no overnight stay) - Receipts are required
5-10 hours £10.00
Over 10 hours £23.00

The University offers four bookable videoconferencing suites. Full details are available at Videoconferencing.

NOTE - before making travel arrangements please consider whether a videoconference is a viable alternative to travelling.


TSs - Internal Claim for Travelling and Subsistence Expenses