Waste from sugarcane production to tackle tooth decay, obesity and diabetes

18 October 2018

A new collaborative research project between the UK and India led by Aberystwyth University, aims to transform waste streams from the Indian sugarcane industry into a range of valuable new products that can address tooth decay, obesity and diabetes.

New Bovine TB Centre of Excellence to be established at Aberystwyth University

04 October 2018

A new Centre of Excellence for Bovine Tuberculosis for Wales will open at Aberystwyth University later this year, bringing together international expertise with the aim of eradicating the cattle disease.

Why your water footprint doesn’t matter

01 October 2018

Writing in The Conversation, Judith Thornton from the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences discusses how footprints get people thinking about their own impact, but for water the analogy simply doesn't work:.